HARNESS FOR REHABILITATION Security and body weight support during rehabilitation treatment

This harness was specially developed for "Laufband" therapy with body weight support and is well suited for most severly paralyzed patients not capable of standing.

It can be used in different disabilities like:

This harness provides high variability due to the separation into two parts (chest and pelvis parts) allowing tilting of the body.
Chest part alone
may be used as safety device for patients who do not any longer need body weight support.

Adjustments of posture can be made with the harness fixed and under load. Even under conditions of total body weight support during locomotion no punctual pressure occurs.

Rump stabilization is maintained by specially designed horizontal and vertical straps. Good lateral stabilization due to proportions of the pelvis part. 

This harness is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large).

Harnesses for children are also available.